ResorTech EXPO in Okinawa

“ResorTech EXPO in Okinawa”
brings together the all aspects of Okinawa’s DX!!

Once a year, we host a trade show with multiple events (exhibitions, business meetings, seminars) both online and onsite.

The fair attracts participants from overseas and is a great place to showcase of DX demonstration projects in Okinawa.

The event also provides business opportunities both in Japan and in the overseas market.


4 Reasons to Expand into Okinawa:

1.Geographical characteristics:
Naha Airport’s domestic and international route networks are among the best in Japan. Connect with Asia’s major cities in 4 hours or less with flights from Okinawa. Also reduced risk of simultaneous disasters due to the prefecture’s distance from mainland Japan. Okinawa provides answers to businesses’ issues by serving as a base for dispersing development and data collection activities.

2.Substantial IT infrastructure: 
With submarine fiber-optic cables directly connecting the Asia-Okinawa-Tokyo area and public-private cloud data centers, an environment is in place to create two-way business between Asia and Japan. Also, The Okinawa IT Shinryo Park, a strategic base for resorts and IT as a bridge between Japan and Asia, and other facilities operated by municipalities have been established in various locations.

3.Support system for your business: 
Special tax incentives such as the highest rate of income tax deduction in Japan (up to 40%) and investment tax credit are available.
These include subsidies for development costs related to business expansion into Okinawa support for demonstration activities using IT technology, support for upgrading the skills of IT engineers, and subsidies for new hires.

4.Resort location: 
Surrounded by a warm climate and abundant nature, you can enjoy both your work and private life.


Okinawa International IT Trade Fair (a former name) was held on 29th Oct – 1st Nov 2020

visitorsApprox. 24,000 people
exhibitors85 companies
Special Guests
(online speaking)
Mr. Yoshiharu HOSHINO (CEO of Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd.)
Mx. Audrey TANG (Digital Minister of Taiwan)


Okinawa Convention Center
4-3-1 Mashiki, Ginowan City Okinawa 901-2224, Japan TEL: +81(0)98-898-3000