Overview of ResorTech EXPO 2024 in Okinawa

What is ResorTech EXPO?

“ResorTech” combining the word “Resort” and “Technology”, the term has been proposed by Okinawa Prefecture since around 2019.

ResorTech EXPO has concept of “Resort” x “Technology” will promote the creation of innovation and new businesses originating in Okinawa.

And it will bring together domestic and foreign IT businesses and a wide range of businesses, including those in the tourism industry, in Okinawa, thereby communicating the ResorTech Okinawa brand to the world.

ResorTech EXPO aims to be not only a regional event in Okinawa, but also the only one in Asia that combines resorts and technology.

Such an event is rare in the world and we are the one and only IT show in Asia.

ResorTech EXPO 2023 are setting the targets to be international trade fair which is generating international business with Okinawa as its starting point.

We are proud to announce “From Okinawa, Reboot Japan!” as our theme. This year, we are focusing on the participation of foreign companies more than ever before, and the theme means that we will restart and revitalize Japan from this exhibition.


Why hold at Okinawa?

As Okinawa Prefecture Asian Economic Strategic Promotion Plan explains “from domestic and international, information, services, commodities, companies, people and business gathers in Okinawa.”, Okinawa is the center of a huge market of 2 billion people in Asia.

Based on following four advantages, Okinawa aims to become a “DX Testbed Island” and an ideal location for IT business demonstrations.

1. Optimal Access to Asian Major Cities
Naha Airport’s domestic and international route networks are among the best in Japan. Connect with Asian major cities in 4 hours or less with flight from Okinawa.

2. Reducing the risk of simultaneous disasters
Taking advantage of its geographical characteristics, Okinawa is providing decentralized base for development and data accumulation to solve business issues.

3. Substantial IT Infrastructure
Okinawa is providing a cloud environment in collaboration with the public and private sectors, and creating two-way business environment between Asia and Japan.

4. Support system for new businesses
Okinawa prefecture government offers a comprehensive support service for new business.
Ref: Information and Communications Industry Business Establishment Guide

Benefits of Participation

ResorTech EXPO and Okinawa Prefecture gavernment will be able to providing following benefits for the participants from overseas.

Business matching with Japan partners
Our EXPO matches you with the partners you need, not only by the exhibition but also through business matching.

Demonstration Project
DX Testbed Island, “ResorTech Okinawa” provides you the environment and assistance to conduct your demonstration project.

Gateway to Japan market
Your activities in Okinawa, like a demonstration project to be used as a gateway to your market development to Japan.

Support for Establishing a branch in Okinawa, Japan
Okinawa prefecture government provides one-stop services for the consultation and support as a single point of contact for all your needs to establish a branch.


Past Achievements of ResorTech EXPO

We are promoting the ResorTech EXPO with the full support of Okinawa Prefecture government.

The first exhibition was held in February 2020 as a pre-event. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak after October 2020, the exhibition was made into a hybrid event by holding the exhibition online as well as at the actual venue.

The number of visitors has gradually increased from 8,000 at the first event to almost reaching 15,000. The number of participating companies has also gradually increased from 135 to over 200.

Since last year, ResorTech EXPO  has become the largest IT exhibition in Okinawa, both in name and reality.


Okinawa Arena

The Okinawa Arena is a very spectacular venue, and it’s the home ground of the Ryukyu Golden Kings, a powerful professional basketball team of Okinawa. The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 (Aug-Sep 2023) held at the “Okinawa Arena” too.

We will make full use of the “Okinawa Arena” which has a well-equipped environment with digital signage and many private rooms and will conduct event management appropriate for a technology exhibition.


Other plans to make ResorTech EXPO more exciting

ResorTech Award 2024
The ResorTech EXPO AWARD 2024 recognizes particularly outstanding technologies, products, and services exhibited at the ResorTech EXPO 2024 in Okinawa.

The “ResorTech EXPO Award Selection Committee” will screen, select, and present awards to companies, organizations, and projects related to technology, products, and services exhibited at the ResorTech EXPO in Okinawa, as well as to companies, organizations, and projects related to technology utilization in all industries in Okinawa, which are highly innovative from academic and technical perspectives, marketability, and future potential.

There is also an award category for outstanding DX promotion cases targeting non-IT businesses in Okinawa. In addition, this year there will be a new category for overseas companies.

Special Exhibit Area for Startups & SMEs
We are planning to set up a special exhibition area the main arena concourse with a slightly lower price plan for introduce startups and small and medium-sized businesses in Okinawa Prefecture and to connect them with exhibitors and visitors.

Reverse Business Booths
We want to increase the rate of business negotiations by making ResorTech EXPO a venue for business matching, so we continue setting up a reverse business negotiation booth where non-IT companies can set up booths and make proposals.

In addition, as a new service, we plan to implement an “advance matching program” to match exhibitors and visitors in advance. Participants in the program will be able to exchange information with each other before the exhibition, and on the day of the exhibition they will be able to conduct business negotiations in the conference rooms or VIP rooms.

Exhibition booth tours
And continue the exhibition booth tours that we had last year.

The contents of the events and their respective outlines will be finalized in coordination with the parties concerned. Depending on the situation, we may consider changing the contents of the event.


Other plans to make ResorTech EXPO more exciting

We will open the application form soon, but please feel free to contact us.